Introducing GaussDB NoSQL

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

April, 2023

What’s new?

We are pleased to announce the availability of GaussDB NoSQL, a reliable cloud-based database service.


What is it?

With its compute and storage separated architecture, GaussDB NoSQL ensures quick deployment, backup, restoration, monitoring, and alarm reporting. Moreover, this non-relational database is compatible with mainstream NoSQL APIs such as Cassandra APIs and InfluxDB APIs, and provides high read/write performance at a lower cost, making it a perfect choice for cost-conscious businesses.

Ready for use

GaussDB NoSQL reduces the time to market. Customers can set up and use non-relational databases in minutes without requiring the deployment of any dedicated database instances or servers.


GaussDB NoSQL makes it easy to control network access to a customer database. GaussDB NoSQL uses Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and network security groups to isolate customers’ DB instances. Customers can connect to DB instances from their existing IT infrastructure through an industry-standard encrypted IPsec VPN


GaussDB NoSQL also lets customers run their DB Instances in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), which allows customers to isolate their DB Instances and to connect to them from their existing IT infrastructure through an industry-standard encrypted IPsec VPN.


  • Horizontal scaling: GaussDB NoSQL allow customers to create a maximum of 12 read-write primary nodes to DB instance.
  • Vertical scaling: GaussDB NoSQL allows customers to scale up or down computing capacity by modifying the DB instance class, and scale up storage capacity by increasing the storage space.

Easy to manage

Customers can easily set up, operate, and scale a DB instance. In addition, customers can easily perform database O&M, including connecting their applications to DB instances, migrating data, backing up and restoring, and monitoring. Customers can use the Cloud Eye console to view key operational metrics, including CPU/memory/storage capacity utilization, I/O activity, and database connections.


Customers can flexibly adjust the required resources based on their service requirements and pay for only what they use. They can start from low specification DB instances without up-front fixed capital expenditures (CAPEX).

For more information on this service please visit the HelpCenter.