New Data Express Service (DES) available on Flexible Engine cloud

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

March, 2022

Data Express Service (DES) is a TB scale data transmission service.

It uses physical storage media (Teleport devices) to transmit a large amount of data from enterprise data centers to the cloud. It helps to address issues facing massive data transfer such as high network costs and long transfer time. DES does not occupy public network bandwidth of users or compete with main services for bandwidth resources.

Hows does it work?

Schéma explicatif Data Express Service

The service consists of a secure NAS server sent to the customer’s data center and client software (DESClient) to be deployed on a Linux operating system.

DESClient allows to select, migrate and encrypt data from the customer site to the NAS server (called teleport).

The teleport is then sent to the Flexible Engine data center, where the data is migrated to the customer’s selected Object Storage Service (OBS) bucket. 

Service, available in Paris region, is in Beta mode.

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