Cloud Container Engine: Update tool for 1.15 to 1.17

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

January 27, 2021

Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is Flexible Engine’s container managment service.

CCE has recieved the following updates:

CCE now supports cluster upgrade to the latest available version (Kubernetes 1.15.6/11 to 1.17.9)

Until now, CCE users were only able to upgrade their clusters to the oldest supported version (v-1). As an example, currently, the latest supported version is 1.17, it was possible to upgrade clusters from version 1.13 (End of Support) to 1.15 (Oldest Supported Version).

As of today (and for new versions to come) it is now possible to migrate to the most recent version available (Latest Supported Version). The instructions and precautions for upgrading clusters remain the same and can be consulted on our online documentation here.

Console improvement for master nodes placement

Using the console, it is now possible to define the Disaster Recovery Level for High Availability clusters (3 master nodes) using the following options:

  • AZ: one master on each availability zone
  • Host computer: masters are deployed on seperate physical servers on the same availability zone.
  • Customize: you can now define the availability zone for each master.

Using the console, it is now possible to select the master node Availability zone for single master clusters (1 master node)

New API parameters to manage master nodes placement

Following the same logic, it is now possible to precisely define the placement of master nodes for single et multiple master clusters using the “masters” parameter under the cluster “spec” parameter:


ParametersMandatoryParameter typeDescription
MastersNoArray of MasterSpec objectsAdvanced cnfiguration of master nodes


ParametersMandatoryParameter typeDescription
Availability ZoneNoStringAvailability Zone(s). Authorised values are: eu-west_0a, eu-west-0b, eu-west-0c


"masters": [  { "availabilityZone": "eu-west-0c" },  { "availabilityZone": "eu-west-0a" },  { "availabilityZone": "eu-west-0b" } ]