Elastic Cloud Server introduces a price capping at 650 hours for Windows licences used during a full month

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

September, 2021

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is Flexible Engine’s virtual machine service based on Openstack which offers a wide choice of flavors designed to run your workloads on highly performant instances at the best price.

ECS has receive the following updates:

We are introducing this month a price reduction to the windows licenses on ECS instances. If an instance using a Windows Server Operating System (OS) is powered on more than 650 hours during a month, the cost of the windows license will be capped to 650 hours. For ECS, Windows license is billed at the granularity of the hour. The maximum number of hours billed during the month will thus be decreased from 730 hours to 650 hours.

This aligns the windows license and the instance costs on the same 650 hours cap. For a full month, you will benefit from 11% decrease on Windows license cost.

This new pricing is active by default for all our customers. 

It applies for any edition and version of Windows Server (e.g.: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter edition, Windows Server 2016 Standard edition…)

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