Cloud Search Service (CSS) update

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

June, 2023

Cloud Search Service (CSS) update

What’s new?

OpenSearch and ElasticSearch 7.10.2 are now available on the Flexible Engine cloud, along with user experience enhancements.

Cloud Search Service (CSS)

What is CCS?

This service offers powerful search functions and supports multiple search scenarios, including data indexing, extraction and analysis. With CSS, users can easily integrate search functions into their applications without having to set up or maintain complex infrastructures.


  • CSS Cluster Kernel: Users can now create CSS clusters based on ElasticSearch 7.10.2 and perform kernel upgrades.
  • New Cluster Kernel: Users can create CSS clusters based on OpenSearch 1.3.6 by requesting support via tickets.
  • Enhancements: After data is imported into Object Storage Service (OBS), data can be cached to reduce access to OBS and improve query performance. Detailed information can be found here.


  • Log4j vulnerability has been addressed and resolved.

For more information on Cloud Search Service (CSS) please visit the HelpCenter.