Updated pricing for the “Pay As You Go” model

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

April, 2023

What’s new?

A new and more flexible PAYG model service is now available for Flexible Engine users in the Paris region on Dedicated Host (DeH) and Bare Metal Server (BMS).

The PAYG model

What is it?

Listening to our customers and responding to their needs is our priority. For this reason, we have decided to implement a new PAYG pricing model based on hourly billing instead of monthly billing for BMS and DeH. In addition, these services are billed on an hourly basis for PAYG and are capped at 650 hours.


This upgrade provides users with additional usage time at no additional cost: by capping the Elastic Cloud Service (ECS) at 650 hours, for example, the amount charged per month for BMS and DeH will be the same regardless of which month is considered during the year. This new PAYG model will be aligned with one of the licenses charged per BMS and per DeH.


There is no impact for Reserved Instances since the pricing model is different.

For more information on these services please visit the HelpCenter.