Host Security Service (HSS) available on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECS)

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

March, 2022

Host Security Service (HSS) is a reliable security manager for servers. It improves overall host security and provides functions, such as vulnerability management, asset management, baseline inspection, and intrusion detection to discover intrusions immediately and meet compliance requirements. 

To use HSS, the agent needs to be installed on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), allowing O&M personnel to centrally manage host security through the security management center.

Asset Management : 

Manages and analyzes security asset information such as account, open port, process, web directory, and software. 

Vulnerability Detection : 

Detects vulnerabilities in systems and software (such as Secure Shell, OpenSSL, Apache HTTP Server, and MySQL) and provides rectification suggestions. 

Baseline Inspection : 

Discovers weak passwords and common system configurations to identify and prevent risks. 

Intrusion Detection : 

Detects and protects accounts against brute force attacks, webshells, cryptocurrency miners, ransomware, and Trojans.

4 packages are proposed, each package embeds functions of previous one :

Package Functions Attack
Basic edition provides full basic protection:
-       cracking prevention,
-       two factor authentication,
-       known ransomware protection
-       virus/vulnerability detection
-      Account cracking
-      weak passwords,
-      viruses, and Trojan horses
Enterprise edition ·         One click vulnerability fix,
·         One click virus scan and removal
·         Security report
-       Vulnerability exploitation,
-       mining
-       ransomware
Premium edition -       Mandatory for professional security O&M and network protection
-       APT defense,
-       proprietary ransomware prevention
-       AI detection engine
-       Scanning,
-       penetration,
-       privilege escalation
-       transfer/tampering
Web Tamper Protection (WTP) edition -       Three layer protection for important files
-       professional application layer protection
0 day vulnerabilities and new viruses

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