[DeH] New C6 hosts in Paris region for compute-intensive use cases

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

March, 2022

Dedicated Host (DeH) is Flexible Engine’s compute service based on Openstack which ensures isolation, security, and performance for your instances. Indeed your ECS (Elastic Cloud Service) instances run on dedicated physical hosts. You can bring your own license (BYOL) to DeH to reduce the costs on software licenses and facilitate the independent management of your instances.

DeH has received the following updates :

Dedicated Host is updated with two new C6 host types in Paris region for compute intensive use cases

This new C6 and C6_pro series provides higher network performance, meeting the needs for more diverse scenarios, and powerful compute performance thanks to dedicated threads. The two physical host types have the following characteristics :

DeH host typesCPUNICvCPURAM (GB)System disk Data disk
DeH c62 * Intel Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6266 (3.0GHz, 22 cores)2 * at 25 Gbps74148EVSEVS
DeH c6_pro 2 * Intel Cascade Lake Xeon Gold 6266 (3.0GHz, 22 cores)2 * at 25 Gbps74296EVSEVS

On each dedicated host type, you wil be able to run up to 8 different flavors, with a vCPU number/RAM GB ratio ranging from 1:2 and 1:4.

DeH typeFlavor NameCPUMemory Maximum/Assured Bandwidth (Gbit/s)Maximum PPS (10,000)NIC Multi-Queue


DeH C6 and C6_pro is generally available. It is now launched in eu-west-0 region (Paris).

Use Cases

C6 flavors are suited for Websites and web applications, generalized databases and cache servers, and medium- and heavy-load enterprise applications with strict requirements on computing and network performance.


DeH c6 can run only c6.xxx.2 ECS flavors.

DeH c6_pro can run only c6.yyy.4 ECS flavors.  


C6 and C6_pro series offers an average of 38% better compute price performance over C3 and 83% over CC3 for instances up to 32 vCPU.

C6 and C6_pro instances have increased performances for the same amount of vCPU and RAM over C3 and CC3:

  • on the network, with higher maximum throughput, guaranteed bandwidth and PPS
  • on the computing, with an average 78% higher performances measured with the Phoronix Test Suite from OpenBenchmarking.org 

Console / API and Ressources

As all other DeH flavors, the new DeH C6 and C6_pro series are available through the console and API. 

New ECS C6 instances can be deployed directly on your DeH C6 and C6_pro pools of dedicated hosts. Existing ECS C6 instances can be migrated from public poole of resources to a DeH C6 or C6_pro host using the migrate ECS feature. More information on DeH dedicated computing instances is available here.