Flexible Engine Elastic Cloud Server updates the maximum number of disks attachable to an ECS instance

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

August 1, 2020

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is Flexible Engine’s virtual machine service based on Openstack which offers a wide choice of flavors designed to run your workloads on highly performant instances at the best price.

ECS has received the following updates :

New feature : Attach up to 60 EVS disks to a single ECS instance

ECS virtual machines rely on the Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disk service for the use of non volatile storage inside the virtual machine (VM).

With this new feature each ECS instance can use up to 60 EVS disks in a single virtual machine. The maximum number of 60 disks includes the system disk (EVS), the data disks (EVS) and the locally attached disks that may be part of the definition of the instance flavor (e.g. : d3).

Using more disks in a single virtual machine could save some costs by lowering the total number of instances or answer to some use cases requiring a lot of volume of data to be accessible through the Operating System.

Before this new feature, each ECS instance could have only a maximum of 24 disks.


In the console, the remaining number of disks that can be attached to an instance in addition to the system disk and the already attached data disks is displayed in the screen when creating the VM.

Currently, when creating a new instance, the total number of disks attachable to a VM is set at 24. To overcome this threshold and reach the 60 disk limit, it is required to add the disks after the VM is created looking up the disks details as shown below.


This new feature is compatible with the ECS creation API. “An ECS can be attached with a maximum of 59 data disks”. See reference API guide https://docs.prod-cloud-ocb.orange-business.com/en-us/api/ecs/en-us_topic_0020212668.html