API Gateway Update

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

January 18, 2021

API Gateway is Flexible Engine’s high performance API hosting service that allows you to build, manages and deploy APIs at any scale.

API Gateway has recieved the following updates:

New Features

  • Support Customized Gateway Response Feature

With the current release of the API Gateway, we have updated the response feature to provide some customization. The main functionality allows you to display a gateway response when API Gateway fails to process an API request. API Gateway provides multiple default responses and allows you to customize response status codes and content. You can add a gateway response in JSON format on the API Groups page.

  • AppCode authorization Feaure**

This new version of APIGW offers the possibility to use AppCode authorization. For an API called in App authentication mode, the X-Apig-AppCode parameter can be added to the HTTP request header for quick response. The request content does not need to be signed, and API Gateway verifies only the AppCode rather than the request signature. When an API is called in App authentication mode and the simple authentication is enabled, AppKey and AppSecret can be used for API request signing and verification, and AppCode can also be used for simple authentication.


API Gateway includes a management console. Sign in to the Flexible Engine Management Console, select Paris region (eu-west-0) and open the API Gateway service.


You can find all the related information (API Gateway User Guide, API Gateway API Reference, API Gateway Developer Guide) here.