Application Operation Management upgrade

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

August, 2023

What’s new?

The Application Operations Management (AOM) service has undergone a significant upgrade, including a new architecture that prioritizes resilience and a transition to using the 3.0 version of the Cloud Development Kit (CDK). These changes are aimed at enhancing the service’s stability and reliability. 

Application Operations Management 

What is it? 

Application Operations Management (AOM) serves as an operational hub within Flexible Engine designed to efficiently manage cloud applications. With real-time monitoring of applications and related cloud resources, AOM collects and correlates resource metrics, logs, and events to offer in-depth insights into application health. Through its flexible alarm system, it promptly alerts users about deviations and potential issues, enabling timely intervention. AOM also empowers users with robust data visualization capabilities, providing graphical representations of data trends and performance metrics to enhance operational efficiency. 

New Prometheus features 

  • Prometheus can report metrics to AOM. 
  • Supports users to query metrics reported by Prometheus. 
  • Grafana can query data sources and connect to AOM. 
  • Users can report and query user-defined metrics. 

New API features 

  • POST /v2/{project_id}/series. This interface is used to query the list of time series that can be monitored by the system. 
  • POST /v2/{project_id}/samples. Queries the monitoring time sequence data within a specified time range. 
  • POST /v2/{project_id}/alarm-rules. This interface is used to add a threshold rule. 
  • PUT /v2/{project_id}/alarm-rules. This interface is used to update a threshold rule. 
  • DELETE /v2/{project_id}/alarm-rules/{alarm_rule_id}. This interface is used to delete a threshold rule. 
  • GET /v2/{project_id}/alarm-rules/{alarm_rule_id}. This interface is used to query a threshold rule. 
  • POST /v2/{project_id}/alarm-rules/delete. 

For more information on Application Operations Management please refer to the technical documentation