New features Cloud Command Line Interface (FE CLI) and API Explorer platform.

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

January, 2024 

What’s new?

Flexible Engine is pleased to introduce two powerful features to enhance your cloud service management experience: Cloud Command Line Interface (FE CLI) and the API Explorer platform. These additions offer streamlined access, robust functionalities, and improved flexibility in managing and exploring cloud service APIs.

Cloud Command Line Interface (FE CLI)  

Cloud Command Line Interface (FE CLI) serves as an efficient command line tool tailored for managing Cloud service APIs released on the API Explorer platform. The API Explorer, a new release in itself, integrates all open APIs of cloud services, providing a comprehensive platform for quick search, visualized debugging, documentation, and code examples.

Key features

FE CLI offers a straightforward method for managing cloud service APIs through the command line. Key features include:

  • API management: FE CLI provides users with a seamless approach to calling cloud service APIs through the command line. A clear understanding of target APIs is essential before utilizing FE CLI. For assistance, users can reach out to the dedicated on-call personnel of the relevant cloud service.
  • Comprehensive API interaction: users can unlock the potential of FE CLI by seamlessly searching, debugging, and accessing documentation on API Explorer. This ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for managing cloud service resources.
  • Flexibility and scalability:
    • A single executable file, eliminating the need for installation. Users can simply download and decompress to start using.
    • Compatibility across multiple operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS.
    • High scalability empowering users to encapsulate cloud service APIs for various functions and resource management through scripts.

API Explorer

API Explorer serves as a one-stop API solution platform, facilitating developers in searching, learning and developing code using APIs. The platform can be accessed through the console using a browser or by CLI after downloading and installing the CLI for Windows, Linux, or macOS to view and debug APIs. Key functions include:

  • API online search: global and product-specific API search capabilities in both Chinese and English, quick access to recently searched/used products or APIs, and the ability to follow common product APIs.
  • API documentation: standard document structure with detailed interface descriptions, request parameters/examples, return parameters/examples, error codes, and SDK.
  • Visualized API debugging: supports online API debugging with parameter display in tables and visualization, detailed parameter descriptions, and automatic filling of region, token, and project_id.
  • Generate CLI parameters & sample code: automatic generation of multi-language SDK sample code and CLI parameters based on API parameters.

To access API Explorer please visit the API Explorer page.

For more information on CLI please visit the CLI HelpCenter page.