API Gateway update

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

Octobre, 2023 

What’s new?

This latest update brings a suite of enhancements to the API gateway service: the new Flexible Engine console is loaded with additional API features for an improved user experience and simplified API operations. Users can explore new plug-in options, bolster security with two-factor authentication and much more.

API Gateway: 

What is it

Designed for high performance, security and reliability, the API Gateway service enables enterprises to effortlessly deploy Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) while streamlining system integration.

New features

FunctionOld consoleNew console
API import User experience improvement: APIs can be imported on the API list page. Import a Swagger file while creating an API groupFor registering APIsFor registering APIs or creating API groups
API Debugging with a Custom Body Choose the format of the body when debugging an API.Not supportedSupported
API Topology User experience improvement: Parameters are listed in tables, no need to switch views.TopologyTable + simple topology
Visual Display of API Policies View all policies bound to an API through intuitive icons. View all policies bound to an API through intuitive icons.Not supportedSupported
Apps Name change with function remaining the same.SupportedNow called “credentials”
Credential Quota Policies Limit the number of API calls with a credential quota policy.Not supportedSupported
API Monitoring Just a rename in the console, function is not changed.Provided on the Dashboard pageNow called “API Monitoring”
Subdomain Name Just a rename in the console, function not changed.SupportedNow called “debugging domain name”
Gateway Selection in Left Navigation Pane User experience improvement: new operation while function remains the sameNot supportedSupported
  • Configuration of Retries for HTTP&HTTPS Backend Services: Configure the number of retry attempts to request the backend service.
  • Plug-in Type: Enhanced plug-in options including Kafka log push and circuit breaker, in addition to existing plug-ins like CORS, and HTTP response header management.
    • Request Throttling 2.0: Limit API call numbers within specific time frames, with support for parameter-based, basic, and excluded throttling.
    • Kafka Log Push: Push open API call logs to Kafka for analysis.
    • Circuit Breaker: Protect backend services with circuit breaker policies, which enable a downgrade mechanism to protect against performance issues.
  • SSL Certificate Management: Manage SSL certificates in API Policies, ensuring HTTPS-compatible APIs in API groups have domain names bound with SSL certificates for enhanced security.
  • Creating Server Groups for Load Balance Channels: Incorporate cloud servers into groups when creating load balance channels.
  • Health Check Switch for Load Balance Channels: Activate or deactivate health checks in load balance. API Gateway sends requests to ECSs in the load balance stream to assess their service status.
  • Display of Standby Nodes and Statuses for Load Balance Channels: Manage standby nodes and statuses for more efficient load balancing.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Benefit from added security with two-factor authentication and configure a custom authorizer for enhanced API security through FunctionGraph.
  • API Topology: Emphasizing an improvement in user experience, parameters are now listed in tables, simplifying your interaction with API topology without the need to switch views.


Dedicated API Gateway service is available in Paris to all users. It is usable through the console or buy using the API. To apply for the service, you just have to access the menu of the console and choose ‘Dedicated API Gateway’.

All technical information is available in our help center here.