Partner-dedicated space in your Cloud Customer Space portal

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

September, 2022

Now you can easily define a minimum TLS connection version and/or a suppo

For organizations that need to manage several Flexible Engine domains, like large companies or Orange partners or resellers, the “partner login” of the Cloud Customer Space is a well-adapted feature allowing you to manage these domains. With a “partner login” you can for example create new Flexible Engine domains from  

A new space was created in the Cloud Customer Space to help these users perform these actions, and find help : a new “Partner” menu was added for users logged in with their “partner login”. 

In this “partner” menu you will find : 

  • All help links concerning Flexible Engine 
  • Find the list of extra features you have with your “partner login” 
  • All shortcuts to features you use as a user managing several Flexible Engine domains