Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) update: introducing new D6 instances for disk intensive use cases

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

September, 2023

What’s new?

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) lineup – the D6 ECS. Designed to provide enhanced flexibility and performance, the D6 ECS is ideal for disk intensive use cases on Flexible Engine.  

Key features  

1.Use Cases:     

Disk-intensive D6 ECSs are suitable for applications that need to process large volumes of data and require high I/O performance and rapid data switching and processing, including massively parallel processing (MPP) databases, MapReduce and Hadoop distributed computing, big data computing, distributed file systems, network file systems, logs and data processing applications. 

Flavor  vCPUs  Memory (GiB)  Maximum/Assured Bandwidth (Gbit/s)  Maximum PPS (10,000) 
d6.xlarge.4  4  16  5/2  60 
d6.2xlarge.4  8  32  10/4  120 
d6.4xlarge.4  16  64  20/7.5  240 
d6.6xlarge.4  24  96  25/11  350 
d6.8xlarge.4  32  128  30/15  450 
d6.12xlarge.4  48  192  40/22  650 
d6.16xlarge.4  64  256  42/30  850 
d6.18xlarge.4  72  288  44/34  900 

2. Advantages: 

D6 series offers greater storage capacity over D3, and four times the capacity of the local disk with the same specifications: 

  • Storage: 4x local disk capacity compared to D3. 
  • Performance: 30% boost in computing with same vCPU/RAM. 
  • Network gains: 20% increase in throughput, bandwidth, and PPS over D3.  

3. Availability: 

The D6 flavors has transitioned into General Availability mode, marking its official launch within the eu-west-0 region (Paris).

4. Limitations: 

D6 has a maximum number of 36*7,4 TiB of local SAS disks and 288 GiB of RAM. 

5. Console / API and Resources 

As with all other instance flavors, the new D6 series is available through the Flexible Engine console and API.  

If you need more information on ECS disk intensive instances, click here.