New naming policy for OS images

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

April, 2023

What’s new?

In light of the recent name change of Orange Business Services to Orange Business, we have made a significant change to the naming policy for OS images on Flexible Engine.

Why a new naming policy?

In February 2023, the name of the company Orange Business Services has changed to Orange Business. In order to align with this new name, we have decided to apply a new naming policy for the image files provided for Flexible Engine.

How it works

The new images produced for Flexible Engine will inherit this new naming.
Here are the 2 naming rules:

  • Any new image name will see the previously used term “OBS” replaced by the term “FE”.
  • Any new image name will see the term “Orange Business Services”, previously used, replaced by the term “Orange Business”.


There is no impact for the previous OS images which will keep their names.