Flexible Engine is expanding its reach in Europe and changing its strategy in the United States

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

January, 2022

The Flexible Engine cloud strategy is changing

The Atlanta region will no longer be supported by Flexible Engine starting July 30th, 2022. However, we are pursuing our expansion into Europe to continue to deliver the full richness of our Flexible Engine offer by proposing an alternative solution based on our multi-cloud expertise.

Why is the Atlanta region closing?

Most Flexible Engine users choose to deploy their resources in the Paris and Amsterdam region. In comparison, only a few multinationals customers are using the Atlanta region, mainly as a satellite for small workloads since most of their activities are based in Europe, which is closer to their headquarters. Overall, customer demand is lower in the United States than expected which does not justify further expansion.

How is the European region expanding?

In Europe, the demand for public cloud services is increasing significantly. Hence, Orange Business reinforced its investments by adding 2 new datacenters in Amsterdam alongside the 3 datacenters already available in Paris. Customers can now benefit from more possibilities to implement best of class resiliency and business continuity opportunities, thanks to cross AZ distribution and backup options between Amsterdam and Paris.

Alternative Solution

As a result of this change, and in accordance with the terms of contract, Orange advises and recommends users to migrate their Atlanta workloads to alternative multi-cloud solutions or to a Cloud Alliance region in South America, before the 30th July 2022. Effective immediately, the Atlanta region is being placed on controlled availability for users who already had a domain in that region.      

We now offer Orange managed or self-service solutions on Azure (Microsoft), AWS (Amazon) or GCP (Google) in the US, and on Flexible Engine in Paris, Amsterdam and 13 other regions via the Cloud Alliance in APAC, South America, Africa, etc.

In addition, Flexible Engine Stack allows users to deploy local regions anywhere by choosing the option that suits them best: whether a private or public cloud, both can be provided at the customer’s site or hosted in Orange’s datacenters.

Users who use the Atlanta domain have been contacted directly by the Flexible Engine team and have received aletter. For all other situations, users are welcome to contact us (sales team or service desk) for any questions or assistance.