Managed OS

Managing your Cloud infrastructure and operating systems.

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Orange Business offers its services on the main operating systems on the market (Microsoft, Linux) which we manage.

The service provides complete management of its operating system, including server-related tasks.

Orange also offers the option of other complementary services:

  • Backup and Restoration services allow you to back up and restore Flexible Engine server content down to the file level. It uses a professional backup platform that is available to all service customers and is 100% managed by Orange and its teams. This service supplements the Volume Backup Service (VBS) that comes with Flexible Engine, and creates snapshots to ensure that your data are completely protected from corruption and loss.
  • The Managed Production Plan uses the Visual TOM (VTOM) tool that allows you to create instances based on your application scheduling (production plan) and by batch to be run.
  • Managed Performance Monitoring uses the Witbe solution and issues a monthly service performance review report.

The main advantages of Backup and Restoration service management are:

  • Restoring application data to a working state after a major failure, allowing you to resume service with minimal data loss.
  • Restore a file or filegroup that have been unintentionally modified or accidentally deleted.