Managed Middleware

Making your Middleware available for your applications

Managed Services

The Managed Middleware service offers complete management of your Middleware, including server-related tasks, optimization activities, and upgrades. These services are suited to customers needing to handle required maintenance.

Orange can take on many extra Middleware programs; users can provide and install their own product versions while leaving all monitoring activity to Orange.


The three main advantages of this service are:

    • Server availability: this service guarantees that your Middleware layer, including its servers and operating systems, will be operational in line with the availability commitment defined in the service level agreement.
    • Middleware management, including all of the software in the catalogue by component:
    – Web Server: Apache, IIS, Nginix, Squid.
    – Application Server: Tomcat, ASP.Net, PHP, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, Messaging MQ Series.
    – File Server: Windows file server, Microsoft FTP Server, Linux File server, NFS or Samba Linux File Server. – Active Directory Servers – Performance Monitoring (upon request)
    • Change Management:Our teams of engineers take a proactive approach to certain administrative tasks, like patches, security maintenance, etc.


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