Managed Middleware

Making your Middleware available for your applications.

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The Managed Middleware service provides you with complete management of your middleware (s), including server-related tasks, as well as optimization and upgrade activities.

These services are suited to customers needing to handle required maintenance.

Orange Business can take on many extra Middleware programs; users can provide and install their own product versions while leaving all monitoring activity to Orange.

The three main advantages of our service:

Server availability

this service guarantees that your Middleware layer, including its servers and operating systems, will be operational in line with the availability commitment defined in the service level agreement.

Middleware management

including all of the software in the catalogue by component:

  • Web Server: Apache, IIS, Nginix, Squid.
  • Application Server: Tomcat, ASP.Net, PHP, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, Messaging MQ Series.
  • File Server: Windows file server, Microsoft FTP Server, Linux File server, NFS or Samba Linux File Server.
  • Active Directory Servers
  • Performance Monitoring (upon request)

Change Management

Our teams of engineers take a proactive approach to certain administrative tasks, like patches, security maintenance, etc.