File and Applicative Backup

File backup solution on Flexible Engine based on CommVault

Flexible Engine / Storage


Icône File and Applicative Backup

High reliability

With the high-availability and fault-tolerance design, FAB efficiently and reliably schedules the running of pipelines and activities.


FAB provides a variety of pre-packaged data sources and activities, and interconnects with multiple public cloud data storage, movement, and analysis services. This improves the usability of public cloud services.

Broad OS Support

Support for Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems, including HP UX, IBM AIX & Oracle Solaris


File and Applicative Backup enables advanced backup service for self-service, managed application services and BaaS as well. This applicative Backup leverages a Commvault technology and provides coherent backup for databases, applications, VM’s and legacy. The maximum granularity of the restore is at file level.

Integrated with CommVault software, Flexible Engine can provide BaaS (Backup as a service) to backup VM/application/file data from IaaS FE and also on promise, offline/private cloud, AWS/azure/google Cloud to Flexible Engine.

Le logiciel CommVault propose une fonctionnalité de sauvegarde à la demande pour sauvegarder vos données VM/applications/fichiers depuis l’IaaS FE, mais également depuis votre infrastructure propre, depuis un cloud Privé ou depuis un autre Cloud Public vers Flexible Engine

The solution is compatible with the majority of solutions on the market.

Non-exhaustive list of available commvault agents:
Agents Commvault disponibles

The current list of available agents is accessible on the Commvault website.

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