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Azure and our teams work closely with organizations at every stage of the migration process, from needs assessment to migration planning and execution. We provide proven tools, methodologies, and expertise to ensure a rapid migration to the cloud with no negative impacts.

Whether you’re looking to optimize productivity, increase operational resiliency, or enhance business agility, Orange Business and Azure bring you a set of tools and resources developed to help you accelerate and streamline your migration to the cloud.

When you migrate to the cloud with Orange Business teams, you get the support and assurance you need for an efficient and streamlined migration. Our cloud and Azure experts work with you to develop an optimized migration path so that your business applications can be modernized quickly, to meet changing needs without neglecting security requirements

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We help you move all or part of your infrastructure, applications, servers, databases to Azure by going through all the necessary steps: an in-depth assessment of your cloud maturity, an infrastructure and applications audit, a feasibility study and eligibility of your applications to move to the cloud as well as a migration strategy adapted to your needs in order to make your migration a success.

  • Analysis of the scope and need, maturity audit of your company based on 3 axes (organizational, technological and process), definition of the global strategy, gains and bénéfices brought by the Azure cloud, based on a targeting in accordance with your business objectives
  • Collect, aggregate, analyze and consolidate all information on your existing IT (infrastructure, data, applications, functional view, business view and organizational view) and conduct workshops
  • Provide a complete study and assessment of the eligibility of your infrastructure and application estate to the Azure Cloud with the associated level of effort
  • Document the most appropriate strategy to migrate and transform each application, server and database in your IT estate to Azure


  • Acculturate your team on the Azure cloud
  • Go further in the migration, using your own inventory or instrumenting your workloads to discover the completeness of your IT assets
  • Analysis of the project’s profitability and return on investment in the short, medium and long term. We evaluate the cost of the platform on Azure so that you can migrate with peace of mind.


  • Thinking as well in “Think” as in “Design” of the Landing Zone that will host the applications
  • Help in defining your processes once your park has been migrated to Azure, on security aspects, for testing purposes or future agile deployments

Definition of migration strategy for your applications, including the most complex processes such as:

Definition of migration strategy for your applications, including the most complex processes such as:
-Re:Host (Liſt & Shiſt): Switching infrastructure to the cloud without modernization or optimization
-Re:Platform: Automating the provisioning of your platform using tools such as Terraform or Azure Resource Manager

  • Migrate your data using native Azure features