The pricing of the service is different depending on whether it is:

  • Service units ordered at contract signing;
  • Additional service units ordered afterwards;
  • Backup and restore services;
  • On-demand tokens; – Support services.

The Service is subject to a Service access fee and a monthly minimum charge, the amounts of which are indicated in the Price List, plus the price of the Service Units and services subscribed to (restoration, backup, support and Tokens).

Backup and restore services, support services and on-demand tokens are charged at the price of the Price List in effect at the time of their subscription.

The prices are defined per Region.

When the prices depend on the duration of the commitment, the commitment period taken into account for the subscription of additional services is equal to the remaining commitment duration rounded up when applicable to the duration immediately superior existing in the Price List.

The rates of the Managed Applications Service do not include the price of the Managed Tenant, to which the Customer must subscribe otherwise from the IaaS supplier according to the current rates.

Price revision

The prices of the Services (excluding backup and restoration services, support services and tokens on demand) may be revised each year on the anniversary date of the Contract by applying the following formula: P1 = P0 x S1 / S0 Where P1 = revised price

P0 = initial price

S0 = last SYNTEC index published on the date the Contract was entered into or on the date of the previous revision S1 = last SYNTEC index published on the revision date.

If the SYNTEC index disappears, a new index shall be chosen so that it is as close as possible to the removed index.

Guaranteed Minimum Revenue (GMR)

The initial contract stipulates the Global Revenue expected by the Service Provider during the RUN phase.


In return for the resources and specific organization put in place by the Service Provider for the execution of the Contract, the Client undertakes, during the RUN phase, to maintain a Guaranteed Minimum Revenue (GMR) corresponding to 80% of the amount of Global Revenue provided for in the Contract.


At the end of each RUN year, the Parties shall ensure that the annual GWA is achieved. The Annual GWA is calculated by dividing the Aggregate GWA amount by the number of RUN years provided for in the Contract.


If the amount actually billed by the Provider for a RUN year is less than the Annual GWA amount, the difference between the Annual GWA amount and the Amount billed during the year (hereinafter the “Differential”) shall be owed by the Client to the Provider and billed within thirty (30) days of the Provider’s written notification of the existence of such Differential. In the event that an annual MRG is exceeded, the excess will contribute to the annual MRG for the following year.


In the event of an increase in the scope of services (new service(s) and/or modification of planned services) having a price impact of more than 15% compared to the Global Revenue provided for in the Contract, the Global MRG shall be revised upwards in proportion to the percentage of price variation noted by the Parties for this change in scope.

Price of the Support

Support services are defined in the Customer contract as follows:

  • a support level: Initial, Standard or Premium
  • a type of support: Off-Shore or Full France
  • and a number of tickets, which is determined specifically for each Customer.


An assessment will be made on a regular basis to count the number of tickets actually used by the Customer over the past period. Any excess of the number of tickets defined in the contract will be invoiced at the unit price of the ticket indicated in the Managed Applications Price list.

Price of Additional Service Units

The price of the service units ordered at the signing of the Contract is fixed during the Customer’s commitment period.


Any order for service units different from the service units ordered at the signing of the Contract will be invoiced at the price of the service units in the price list in force at the time of this order.


Price conditions

Minimum period

The minimum duration of the Service is one year. The duration of the Customer’s commitment is specified in the Order.

A Managed Tenant may host several of the Customer’s Projects, whose commitment end dates may be different.

Scheduled maintenance

Recurring timeslots for maintenance are stated in the CSQP.

In addition, some administration tasks, such as patches or security maintenance, are proactively performed by the Provider.


In line with the General Terms and Conditions, the reversibility conditions are defined as follows:

  • The reversibility period shall not exceed 3 months.
  • During the reversibility phase, the “Guaranteed Fault Repair Time” does not apply.
  • The Provider undertakes in particular to provide all technical information about the service architecture (SCQP, SRF), provided that information requested is not considered protected know-how by the Provider.


Should supplementary assistance be required, in addition to that defined above, with steering requested of the Provider, the Customer shall receive:


  • An offer for paid assistance specifying the conditions for assistance, personnel dedicated to reversibility operations, and the possible hardware and physical facilities required.
  • The financial terms applicable to the implementation of this supplementary assistance.


The Customer, meanwhile, undertakes to provide any technical or human assistance, and where applicable, financial assistance needed to duly perform the service migration. The Contract’s terms and conditions shall continue to apply up to the term of the Reversibility Period.

In all events, the Customer shall be solely responsible for its relationship with the buyer and its actions with the latter.