The “Managed Applications” Service relies on a IaaS service, to which the Customer must also subscribe. The Tenant subscribed by the Customer is a Managed Tenant, administered by the Provider.


The Customer must subscribe to the IaaS support level of his choice and will be invoiced for IaaS support as part of the corresponding contract. For the IaaS Flexible Engine, the level of support to be subscribed is “Managed Tenant».


The IaaS service corresponding to the Managed Tenant shall be billed as soon as it is put into operation, without waiting for the Managed Applications managed service acceptance.


For Managed Tenant, some IaaS functionalities will not be available to the Customer:

 Change management, incident management, and releases (security rules, VM upgrades, etc.) are run under the “Managed Applications” service.

 The IaaS console and reporting tools in the Cloud Store are available in read-only mode.

 The Customer delegates to the Provider responsibility for selected management tasks on its Managed Tenant, in accordance with the provisions of the document herein.

Portal – Cloud Store Customer Space

The Cloud Store Customer Area allows to manage all contracts to which they have subscribed, in particular via the following sections:

  • Contract: this section offers viewing general information on contracts and orders made.
  • Dashboard : enables Customers to access the IaaS console through SSO (Single Sign On), in read only mode.
  • Services: enables Customers to order online services or access the change request tools.
  • Invoices: enables Customers to view all invoices on-line and access the information needed to contact the invoicing department
  • Documents; documentation management space allowing the Customer to access documents organized in five directories: User guides, performance reports, technical dashboards, meeting minutes, miscellaneous.
  • Support: provides access to the incident reporting tool and information needed to contact the customer support centre.
  • Users: enables Customers to manage user rights on each offer and on the customer space.