A service of the Flexible Engine cloud offering provided by Orange.

Elastic Cloud Server

Use Virtual Machines according to your demand

The ECS offers virtual machines across 5 classes and 19 types of flavors to meet all your IT projects whether they are low in computing resources or require very high computing power. Users pay per use and per hour on their machines. Cloud Services instances are based on Elastic Volume services, various operating systems from memory, big data, to SAP etc.

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Define your specifications the Elastic Cloud Servers will auto-scale them

Elastic Cloud Servers are auto-scaled. Users define rules that regulate commission or decommission on each new virtual machines. The intensity of use and cost-effective deployment of computing resources are changeable. Elastic Cloud Servers can be scaled vertically (more powerful Flavor) as well as horizontally (further VMs of the same class).

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Image Management Service (IMS)

Easy administration of public and private Operating systems

Public images are primarily pre-configured and prepared for use on the Flexible Engine cloud services. They are configured by the users themselves and stored in private directories. They can be downloaded or shared with other users. Publicly available operating systems images are cost-effective, open source, Enterprise based distributions such as Windows Server, RedHat, Suse Enterprise.

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Cloud Container Engine (CCE)

Simplifying your work with clouds

Cloud Container Engine users enjoy platform independence. Containers simplify the deployment, resilience, scaling and lifecycle of applications and reduce costs. CCE offers a graphical user interface an allows access to the public resources of the Docker Hubs to retrieve middleware, applications and tools ready to use.

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Dedicated Cloud

A Cloud configured just for you

A Dedicated Cloud (DeC) is an isolated virtual resource pool on public cloud. All physical devices, computing and network resources can be activated and benefit from a reliable distributed storage. A DeC is provisioned as soon as users applied for it. The resources are managed by a console, as a private cloud: network isolation, storage, consumptions become easy to monitor.

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