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Your PaaS implementation with Orange’s expertise on Cloud Foundry and


Your PaaS implementation with Orange’s expertise on Cloud Foundry and


Your services with conversational agents supported by your company’s IT infrastructure


Orange Business Services is proud to offer you support from Chat Bot, Big Data, Orchestration, Openstack and PaaS experts to support you with your transformation projects. We will support your projects from beginning to end: reinforcing skills, consulting, prototyping, and integration.


  • Help integrating your application into the Flexible PaaS application platform (CloudFoundry Open Source Solution).
  • Application architecture consulting to help you increase microservice flexibility using Cloud Native applications.
  • Company microservice prototyping to test the advantages of a PaaS solution.
  • Market integration of custom services to meet specific needs.

Big Data

  • Support in evaluating your current environment to implement design changes. Provide class design architecture and migration choices in the host application.
  • Database design and High Availability expertise Needs assessment for scalability, security, and data recovery after an incident. Offer backup and recovery solutions, monitoring and reports, etc.
  • Database management, configuration management, hardware and infrastructure capacity monitoring, maintaining operating documentation.
  • Suggest architecture changes and database improvements in line with ITIL best practices.


  • Implement market best practices to accelerate development and move up deliveries.
  • Design conversational agents that protect users’ privacy and provide data security.
  • Develop conversational agents that integrate with business applications and use their APIs.
  • Statistical analysis of user behaviors.
  • Support during the bot’s learning phase.
  • Recommend changes for your development methods / tools to optimize and improve tool function.

Key points

  • Support for adopting PaaS technologies, allowing you to focus on delivering code rather than managing your VMs.
  • Architecture design and approval support to optimize your application’s functionality.
  • Advice from experienced experts.

Use cases

Big Data and Predictive Analysis

Our public cloud experts will help you with your important innovative projects, such as:

– Implementing Chatbot solutions
– Shifting your development teams to DevOps
– Big Data infrastructure design and architecture

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