Flexible Engine - File and Application Backup user guide

FAB Service Description

What is FAB?

File and Application Backup (FAB) is a Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform designed for the protection of files and applicative components like databases (and in some cases, systems) located either within Flexible Engine, on your Premises, or in any other Cloud provider.

FAB is a Flexible Engine service based on the Commvault technology,

Providing all the benefits brought by the Orange public Cloud solution, and the robustness and efficiency of the Commvault backup software.

Data is transferred in a secure way to the FAB platform via built-in tunnels. When using FAB storage, the data is stored in encrypted Felxible Engine Object storage buckets, offering the flexibility, security, and availability of the Orange Public Cloud platform.

As a managed service solution, FAB offers the automation of the backups, letting them run on standard global schedules for daily incremental backups, and through internal processes for Full backups, limiting your administrative tasks, and the interactions between FAB and your infrastructure to their strict minimum required.

But as a flexible solution, FAB offers you the option to build your own backup policies using your own storage library in the Flexible Engine Cloud, on your Premises, or in any other Cloud provider anywhere. In such context, FAB only acts as the backup solution intelligence.

FAB also offers the possibility to operate on-Demand backups and Restores as you see fit, and in a few clicks.

To process your files & applications protection, FAB uses agents to deploy on your infrastructure, and it exposes a centralized web console to administrate and follow up the backup and restore activity.

If using the FAB built-in storage, the service is available in all Flexible Engine regions. These regions are used to determine where the FAB connection is to be made from your data to our Infrastructure, as well as the storage location of your backups.

The following regions are available:

  • Eu-west-0 = Paris (France)
  • Eu-west-1 = Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Na-east-0 = Atlanta (US)

If using an external storage (Bring Your Own Storage), FAB is usable anywhere in the world, with an access to the internet.

Please follow this link to access various tutorial videos about FAB: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtcbblzsx7Boqb-7vNkABS7DvRfjoz6kW