Flexible Engine - File and Application Backup user guide

FAB Backup console description


FAB provides an HTML 5 console to administrate your protection service.
Your FAB environment refers to your “Company” as the Flexible Engine domain to which it’s related.
You may have as many FAB companies as you have subscribed for within your Flexible Engine domain.
The console is set in the following sections:




A Dashboard offering a global vision on your company’s protection.
Remember to select your Company


The Protect section lists, by type, all the FAB agents you have installed for this FAB Company.
From there, various operations are available depending on the agent type:

For all agent types, the display is as follows:



This section is split in 2: Active jobs & Jobs history



You may find here all built-in reports to follow up your protection activity:





The Monitoring section provides vision on 2 sub sections built to help monitor the protection activity






Each event ID is unique, one job = one event ID




The Storage section also provides vision on 2 sub sections, built to help designing your backup storage (in a Bring Your Own Storage model):



Where you can manage your On premises storage libraries to use for storing backups on your Premises



Where you can manage your Cloud libraries to use for storing your backups in the Cloud



This section is used to manage the protection of your devices (listing, configuration, installation, removal…)





If you have selected the Company, it also brings the Configuration section providing general detail on the selected Company.



It’s also in this section that you will find the “Plans” menu in order to manage your Backup plans.


The Plans listed here are all the plans you can use for your backups:

    • The plans you have created to store your backups in your libraries

You can manage these plans in this section

    • Universal predefined built-in plans brought by the FAB team in order to store your data on FAB built-in storage.

These plans are not editable



Web console / Download Center

The Download center is used to download all the FAB agent packages to install on your devices to initiate their protection.