Microsoft Azure

Sauvegarde et reprise sur Azure


Benefit from a unified and secure environment with the help of our Azure experts

Data loss and associated business disruption is a reality for which many organizations are under-prepared due to lack of complexity or cost.

The Azure cloud offers users a secure and cost-effective solution built on three pillars to protect their data and their business.

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Back up your data and applications, protect them against ransomware through a unified and centralized system.

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Resumption of activity

Your business resumes seamlessly with the built-in emergency recovery service.

With Azure, you get your data back 80% faster, reduce lost productivity by 97%, and your ROI is 370% over 5 years.

IDC Business Value white paper, offered by Microsoft Azure, The Business Value of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup, document #US48616721, February 2022

The backup service automatically protects your data against attacks and hazards through a centralized and easy-to-deploy solution

Azure Backup is a cost-effective and secure solution capable of deploying your backup strategy across all your workloads and IT assets, including:

  • Azure and on-premises virtual machines.
  • SQL and SAP HANA databases.
  • File sharing tools.

Controlled costs thanks to our Azure expertise, which allows us to optimize the sizing of the platform according to the level of protection

The RTO/RPO settings are made according to your backup objectives, but also with a view to optimizing costs. Thus, our support makes use of the best finops practices offered by the platform:

  • Accurate sizing of the backup perimeter to reduce storage costs.
  • Upstream estimation of backup infrastructure costs.
  • Monitor backup reports and resize infrastructure.
  • Send recovery points to lower cost archival storage.

With Azure Site Recovery, your applications automatically switch to the cloud in the event of a major outage

With Azure Site Recovery, our experts help you deploy your disaster recovery plan on Azure :

  • Replicate virtual machines (on-premises or Azure) to another Azure region.
  • Configure sequencing for seamless recovery.
  • Test recovery without incurring infrastructure costs
  • Your VMs automatically switch to the secondary site in case of a failure.

Azure Site Recovery is automatically updated with the latest features to preserve your business and data.