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Presentation of the Cloud Customer Space

Purpose of this document

This user guide describes your Cloud Customer Space, set up as part of your Cloud offer.



Abbreviation Description
FCA Flexible Computing Advanced
FE Flexible Engine


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New version of the Cloud Customer Space

The Cloud Customer Space has been updated to provide you with a better experience browsing through the cloud offers you have with Orange Business Services:

  • A multi-offer home page (“Dashboard”) with multi-contract navigation on the pages (by contract selection)
  • Double access to the different sections of your customer space
  • : from your “Dashboard” and from the menu bar
  • A possible access from your cell phone

But also new functions have appeared to manage your cloud offers:

  • Status of your infrastructure platform: Flexible Engine, FCA.
  • Budget management: consumption to date, definition of a threshold, email alert.
  • Multiple file downloads and billing reports.

The main differences in navigation compared to the Cloud Store screens you were used to are :

  • access to the technical console from the contract details (the expand-shrink menu on the right of the contract in question, see paragraph Technical Consoles).
  • access to the sections of a contract (invoices, users, subscriptions, services, support) from the list of contracts (the contextual menu on the right of the contract in question, see paragraph Contract section).
  • when you use a menu at the top (Requests, Catalog, Rights…), you must select your contract using the filter.

The rest of this document will give you all the necessary details about these new features.



The Cloud Customer Space has been set up to help you manage your offers as simply as possible.

From your customer space, you will be able to manage all the contracts on which you have been declared, in particular thanks to the following sections:

  • Dashboard: this section will give you a multi-contract vision. You will be able to view the weather on your platforms (FE and FCA), to follow the evolution of the treatment of possible infrastructure incidents and configure alerts of budget overruns on your contracts. From each of your contracts you can also access your technical console and other sections of your customer space.
  • Requests: this section will allow you to access, according to your rights, the requests related to your contracts.
  • Catalog: this section will allow you to view the list of services in the catalog and to order them online.
  • Rights: this section will allow you to consult or manage the users on one or several contracts, according to your scope and rights.
  • Bills: this section will allow you to consult your latest invoices online and to view the contact information for your Invoice Reception service.


Access to the Cloud Customer Space

Your Customer Space is accessible at the following URL:

To access the Cloud Customer Space for your contract, a user account must have been created for you beforehand:

  • Are you the referent user for your contract?

Your user account has been created automatically and you should have received an email containing your login details.

  • You are not the referent user of your contract?

Your user account must be created by your referent user from the Cloud Customer Space or by another user with user management rights for the contract in question (see Add user).


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