Orange becomes a founding member of the Gaia X initiative.

Gaia-X is a joint French and German initiative that aims to create a European ecosystem of Cloud, high performance computing and data services, governed by European data laws.

This system would provide a transparent framework for existing cloud service providers to guarantee European-wide inter-operability and compliance with European regulations including GDPR. It would also provide a catalogue of Cloud services that business can access when looking for specific data services such as AI or IoT.

Gaia-X works through the implementation of Federation services designed to align network and Cloud providers across Europe thus guaranteeing trust and data security under the concept of privacy by design. Technical implementation will focus on : federated identity and trust mechanisms, sovereign data services as well as ease of access to available service providers.

Orange provides multiple Cloud based services including its Public Cloud: Flexible Engine through its subsidiary: Orange Business. As a leader in connectivity, cyber security and Cloud services in Europe. Innovation, data protection and transparency are part Orange’s core values. Gaia-X is built on these foundations and is leading a path for digital momentum and growth.