Introducing Flexible Engine’s new VDI solution: oneclick

Introducing Flexible Engine’s new VDI solution: oneclick 

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution Workspace has won over many of our users. In order to cover more use cases we have decided to overhaul the core technology behind our Workspace service in favour of a more specialised solution provided by  oneclick™ that will be integrated into Flexible Engine. The current version of our Workspace service will be closed June 30th 2022. Our new oneclick™ service will be available from January 15th 2022, with guidance and support for the simplest possible migration

Your usual contacts as well as our support service are at your disposal. 



oneclick™ VDI is a turnkey Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for your organization to work efficiently, securely, with optimised cost using Flexible Engine resources and features 

oneclick™ eliminates on end devices both the cumbersome installation of software and the setup of (VPN) connections to server locations. Encrypted streaming of remote desktops, applications and data into the web browser provides a secure and centralised working environment for the office, home office or on the road. 

This is achieved with the following features 

  • a fully personalised, secure web portal for access to all assigned apps across all operating systems (Native Windows, Linux, MacOS & Web). 
  • extremely fast, self-developed streaming protocol for smooth remote work as well as optimised mouse and keyboard inputs. for mobile devices. 
  • mounted drive that can be paired with any application, including drag-and-drop file upload and offline functionality. 
  • automated connection of existing server locations to bring legacy applications instantly up to the state of the art. 
  • via interfaces, create and manage new virtual machines using Flexible Engine infrastructure – for a successful cloud transformation 

The price structure for this service is based on separate pricing for oneclick™ license and associated Flexible Engine resources as is available here. 

To assure maximum transparency, the usage of a oneclick™ license and associated Flexible Engine resources will be shown as seperate items on your Flexible Engine invoice. 



To deploy new Oneclick instances : 

  1. Discover the Oneclick service on Flexible Engine marketplace page 
  2. Click on Activate button on Oneclick marketplace page 
  3. Register for Flexible Engine if not already a customer, OCB will send credentials for your Flexible Engine account, 
  4. Flexible Engine Admin logs in as Flexible Engine customer, register for Oneclick service from Customer Space, Oneclick will send credentials for your basic Admin account 
  5. Oneclick Admin logs in as a Oneclick customer, configures the service including User accounts and license model, Oneclick will send credentials for your User accounts 
  6. Oneclick users log in to use their VDI account as normal 
  7. Flexible Engine teams add the cost of a Oneclick license and Flexible Engine resources to the usual monthly bill provided to customers through the usual channels 

As an existing customer we will show you these steps as part of the migration from Workspace to oneclick™ service hand-in-hand with your teams and Oneclick™ experts. 



As an existing Flexible Engine Workspace user, our cloud experts will assist you in the migration of all your VDI instances from Workspace to oneclick™ service, alongside your teams and Oneclick™ experts. 

  • The migration will require for OCB team to stop your Workspace VDI instances, produce a snapshot (including system disk and data disks if there is any) and share the snapshot to your existing tenant. 
  • With this snapshot, oneclick™ will help you register for the service and log in to configure the VDI environment similar to what you had in Workspace. 
  • VDI instances will be automatically relaunched as normal ECS in your tenant. 
  • We recommend using a new VPC dedicated to these VDI ECS like what was done for Workspace and to apply a security group rule to allow TCP 3389 port connections from OneClick public IPs. This can be done through Oneclick Admin account. 
  • At this point the migration will be complete and your users should find their VDI account as normal, configured as it was on Workspace. 

A step-by-step process will be discussed with you before the migration to explain the technical steps in more detail. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us through your usual contacts if you have questions. Our teams will be in touch with you in the coming weeks to assist you in planning your migration from Workspace to Oneclick.