Cloud Mercato Benchmark 2021 Study

Cloud Mercato has conducted a survey among 25 IaaS providers implemented in the European market during Q3 2021. Orange Business is listed as a cloud hyperscaler in this study which is available here for consultation.

This benchmark will allow you to compare the performance of the cloud solutions currently available in the European market, and to discover all the advantages of the Orange Business Flexible Engine public cloud. 

Summary :

  • Cloud Mercato evaluates the multi-CPU score of our C6 instances at 6858, ideal for any use cases that require high performance calculations
  • For every 1€ spent, Orange Business’ customers get 56% more performance than other IaaS providers on average
  • The Flexible Engine cloud allows users to take advantage of a high speed execution as high as 22,234 Input/Output per second (IOPS)
  • The Flexible Engine cloud provides high-performance instances suitable for a variety use cases that support innovation 
Downlod full version of the infographic