Cloud Trace Service (CTS) now supports Data Lake Insight (DLI)    

Data Lake Insight (DLI) is a serverless data processing service fully compatible with Apache Spark, Flink, and openLooKeng (Presto-based) ecosystems. You can effortlessly perform stream, batch, and interactive analysis to query mainstream data formats without data ETL. 

With Cloud Tace Service (CTS), you can record operations associated with DLI for future query, audit, and backtracking. 

DLI operations that can be recorded by CTS   
Operation Resource Type Trace Name 
Creating a database database createDatabase 
Deleting a database database deleteDatabase 
Changing the database owner database alterDatabaseOwner 
Creating a table table createTable 
Deleting tables table deleteTable 
Exporting table data table exportData 
Importing table data table importData 
Modifying the owner of a table table alterTableOwner 
Creating a queue queue createQueue 
Deleting a queue queue deleteQueue 
Granting permissions to a queue queue authorizeQueue 
Modifying a queue CIDR block queue updateQueue 
Restarting a queue queue restartQueue 
Scaling out/in a queue queue scaleQueue 
Submitting a job queue submitJob 
Canceling a job queue cancelJob 
Granting DLI the permission to access OBS buckets obs obsAuthorize 
Checking the SQL syntax job checkSQL 
Creating a job job createJob 
Updating a job job updateJob 
Deleting a job job deleteJob 
Purchasing a yearly/monthly queue order orderQueue 
Purchasing CUH packages order orderPackage 
Freezing resources resource freezeResource 
Unfreezing resources resource unfreezeResource 
Terminating resources resource deleteResource 
Clearing resources resource cleanResource 
Granting data permissions data authorizeData 
Granting permissions on other projects data authorizeProjectData 
Exporting query results data exportResult 
Saving a SQL template sqlTemplate saveSQLTemplate 
Updating a SQL template sqlTemplate updateSQLTemplate 
Deleting a SQL template sqlTemplate deleteSQLTemplate 
Creating a Flink template flinkTemplate createFlinkTemplate 
Updating a Flink template flinkTemplate updateFlinkTemplate 
Deleting a Flink template flinkTemplate deleteFlinkTemplate 
Creating a data upload task uploader createUploadJob 
Obtaining the authentication to perform a data upload task uploader getUploadAuthInfo 
Submitting a data upload task uploader commitUploadJob 
Creating a datasource authentication and uploading a certificate authInfo uploadAuthInfo 
Updating a datasource authentication authInfo updateAuthInfop 
Deleting a datasource authentication authInfo deleteAuthInfo 
Updating the quota quota updateQuota 
Uploading a resource package pkgResource uploadResources 
Deleting a resource package pkgResource deleteResources 
Creating a basic datasource connection datasource createDSConnection 
Deleting a basic datasource connection datasource deleteDSConnection 
Reactivating a basic datasource connection datasource reactivateDSConnection 
Creating an enhanced datasource connection datasource createConnection 
Deleting an enhanced datasource connection datasource deleteConnection 
Binding a queue datasource associateQueue 
Unbinding a queue datasource disassociateQueue 
Modifying the host information datasource updateHostInfo 
Adding a route datasource addRoute 
Deleting a route datasource deleteRoute 
Creating a topic smn createTopic 
Creating an agency agency createAgency 
Creating a batch processing job batch createBatch 
Canceling a batch processing job batch cancelBatch 
Creating a session session createSession 
Deleting a session session deleteSession 
Creating a statement statement createStatement 
Canceling execution of a statement statement cancelStatement 
Creating a global variable globalVar createGlobalVariable 
Deleting a global variable globalVar deleteGlobalVariable 
Modifying a global variable globalVar updateGlobalVariable 

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