Scalable File Service (SFS) turbo is now available in Amsterdam!

Expandable to 32 TB, SFS Turbo provides a fully hosted shared file storage. It features high availability and durability to support massive small files and applications requiring low latency and high IOPS. SFS Turbo is perfect to scenarios such as high-performance websites, log storage, compression and decompression, DevOps, enterprise offices and container applications.

● High-performance websites For I/O-intensive website services, SFS Turbo can provide shared website source code directories for multiple web servers, enabling low-latency and high-IOPS concurrent share access.

● Log storage SFS Turbo can provide multiple service nodes for shared log output directories, facilitating log collection and management of distributed applications.

● DevOps The development directory can be shared to multiple VMs or containers, simplifying the configuration process and improving R&D experience.

● Enterprise offices Office documents of enterprises or organizations can be saved in an SFS Turbo file system for high-performance shared access.