Managed Business Applications

Delegate your cloud operations and focus on your core business

Manage your cloud

A Our teams are empowered to manage your IT accross all of your chosen platforms

Orange Business offers you outsourcing of all or part of your cloud information system, from the OS to your business applications, in a framework of transparency and trust.

As a multicloud service provider, we offer to accompany you on the platform that best suits your needs.

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We propose a personalized service offer defined according to the specificities of your application park:

  • Maintenance of the production environment.
  • Management of applications on various environments: development, integration etc.
  • Control and supervision of all middleware layers.
  • Integration of your applications on the cloud.

A dedicated team for your projects

Project Manager

Coordinates with your teams during the implementation phase of your services.

Service Delivery Manager

Guarantees optimal uptime of your applications.

Contract Business Manager

A link to Orange Business for all of your contractual requirements.

The benefits of Orange Business management


A dedicated team and a complete visibility on your IS.


Local experts, located in Europe, equipped to handle your data.


A multicloud expertise that will accompany you regardless of your chosen platform.

Delegate the management of your middleware, databases, logs and data

Outsource your infrastructure management accross all levels of depth: VM, Containers, OS and PaaS.

Expert teams to provide you with quality outsourcing services.

Operating System (OS)

Managed OS service to provide complete operating system management, including virtual machine tasks.

Patch management


Real time reporting

Backup policies


Automated supervision

  • The provision of an operating system template or OS
  • Supply and management of the license and support (depending on the publisher)
  • Deployment of the OS on a virtual server using the Orange Business configuration
  • Daily backup of file systems
  • Security watch
  • Patch management
  • 24/7 monitoring of the OS
  • Incident and change management
  • The provision of usage indicators (CPU, RAM, system disk…)


  • 24 x 7 container maintenance, compatible with DevOps deployment of microservices applications.

Compatibles sur toutes nos plateformes

  • The deployment of Kubernetes clusters
  • 24 x 7 supervision and maintenance in operational conditions of clusters
  • Cluster incident management
  • Cluster change management
  • Three integrated managed tools for cluster and container deployments:
    • A saved GIT repository of Kubernetes CCE cluster settings
    • A Container Registry for K8S
    • A Deployment Tool
  • An integrated and managed monitoring tool offering :
    • Collecting logs and metrics from K8S clusters
    • A cluster status dashboard with visibility into K8S cluster logs and metrics
    • A detailed inventory of services in clusters (Rancher)
    • An alert tool


  • 24 x 7 operational maintenance of K8S clusters compatible with the deployment of containerized applications in microservices.
  • Compatible on all our platforms
  • Extension of the service with Managed Container
    • Add-ons management
    • Containers and container applications


  • On-demand deployment of containers on K8S CCE Flexible Engine clusters:
    • From Docker images, Dockfiles and manifests provided and deposited by the customer in the GIT and Registry repository
    • Clusters K8S CCE
  • 24×7 container monitoring on K8S clusters with internal tools
  • The following interventions in the event of an incident (with the client’s agreement):
    • Ticket creation and customer notification
    • Redeployment of version N or N-1 containers based on images and manifests stored in the tools
    • Resize the quota allocated to the container at the POD level Triggering Managed K8S in the event of an outage related to the underlying K8S and restoring containers once K8S is restored

Native services

  • The maintenance in operational conditions 24 x 7 of the applications consuming the native cloud services.
  • Scripting and operations automation, DevOps orientation

  • Commissioning and configuration of components
  • Development and maintenance of scripts
  • Authorization management
  • Monitoring of service compliance
  • Monitoring and maintenance of security conditions
  • Monitoring of native service evolutions
  • Configuration management and repository updates
  • Exploitation of the services in the catalog
  • Supervision of native services (thresholds, alarms)
  • Monitoring and adaptation of the production plan (backup batches)
  • Monitoring the proper integration of technical components
  • Performance and service access monitoring
  • Evolution of automated remediation scripts

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Complexity: easy Azure Batch

Container Registry

Virtual Machines

VM Scale Sets

App configuration


Azure Advisor

Azure Arc

Azure Backup

Azure Blueprints

Azure Lighthouse

Azure Monitor

Azure Policy

Azure Portal

Cloud Shell


Application Gateway

Azure Firewall

Express Route

Private Link

Virtual Network

Azure Storage

Managed Disks


Azure CDN

Media Services


AWS Config

AWS Health



VPC (& Endpoints)


AWS Secrets Manager

Complexity: medium App Service

App Service (Linux)

Azure Functions

Container Instances

Dedicated Host

Azure DevOps

DevTest Labs

Visual Studio App Center

Azure AD B2C

Azure AD DS

Azure Key Vault

API Management

Notification Hubs

Azure Bastion

Azure DNS

Azure Front Door

Load Balancer

Network Watcher

Traffic Manager





Route 53



Transit GTW

AWS Security Hub

Amazon Cognito

Data Lifecycle Manager

License Manager

RDS (PostgreSQL/Oracle)







Certificate Manager


RDS Proxy


Complexity: high Kubernetes Service

Service Fabric

Lab Services

Azure Active Directory

Azure Sentinel

Security Center

Event Grid

Logic Apps

Service Bus

Cost Management

Managed Apps

Azure Migrate


Systems Manager

Dynamo DB

Cloud HSM

Directory Service

Firewall Manager



AWS Shield (Advanced)



A service to provide you with complete management of your middleware, including optimization and upgrade tasks


Managed Middleware service for Web services, Application servers, Files, Directories …

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Pictogramme caméra


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  • Install and configure the middleware
  • Compliance with safety recommendations
  • Administer and maintain the configuration
  • Administer and maintain the source code manager repositories (create user accounts and set up access keys, create repositories)
  • Minor or major upgrade
  • Security management (patching, access control, antivirus,…)
  • Backup and recovery services
  • Use of resources and recommendations
  • Capacity management
  • Event management

Data base

  • Managed databases and Managed DBaaS for relational databases and Managed database for NoSQL databases.
  • Compatible on all our platforms


  • Installation / administration / configuration of relational database services, NoSQL, and DBaaS
  • Management of the connection with the application server
  • Assessment, planning and execution of change requests
  • Patch services
  • Monitoring 24x7x365
  • Tracking, log management
  • End-to-end incident management and resolution
  • Design and execution of DB HA/DR solutions (option
  • Audit, optimization and performance indicators (optional)
  • DB health check and reporting (optional)
  • Multi-AZ DBaaS Deployment
  • Access to IaaS support on behalf of the customer
  • Managed DB & DBaaS alarm management


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PostegreSQL X X X X
Maria DB X X
Aurora X
Oracle X


  • Collect, extract, identify and analyse data from your IS in order to identify a malfunction.
  • Log as a service is a managed log management solution (VM, Network, Security, Kubernetes clusters) built on an ECE platform


  • Installation of an ECE cluster on the shared platform or a dedicated ECE based on Elastics standards on Flexible Engine
  • Implementation with customer requirements
  • Network configuration: TCP, IP addresses, SSL certificate and virtual host configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Administration :
    • Incident and change management
    • Startup and shutdown / launch services
    • Service packs and patching at the customer’s request
  • Customized options on request:
    • Data collection
    • Dashboard creation
    • Deployment of Machine Learning solutions
    • Elastic Training

Big data

  • Managed Big Data gives you access to an innovative, high-performance infrastructure to deploy your Big Data projects on a cloud infrastructure hosted and managed in Orange Business datacenters.

The flexibility and agility of the cloud to manage your Big Data independently

You have a ready-to-use Big Data as a Service solution to deploy and run your Big Data processing via simplified management and administration interfaces.

A complete data ecosystem at your disposal

Hadoop core components

HDFS, Map Reduce, Yarn, Hbase etc.

A recognized and fully managed open-source HADOOP distribution.

Fast Data Tools

Storm, Spark etc.

NoSQL databases

Cassandra, MongoDB Neo4j etc.

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The benefits of our managed big data solution


Restore application data to a consistent state in the event of a major failure, allowing services to be restarted with minimal data loss.


Benefit from a global service commitment and customized support, and a solution secured by Orange Business teams.


Pay only for what you use with pay-per-use. Your Big Data environment is only charged to you when you activate it.


  • Setup:
    • Deployment of secure and scalable clusters of VMs and installation of software data components (HDP, HDF, CDH)
  • Configuration :
    • Creating initial user accounts
    • Monitoring configuration
  • Administration / Maintenance / Monitoring :
    • Review node performance and make adjustments
    • Manage the start and stop of Hadoop services
    • Adding/Removing Nodes
    • Run/implement Hadoop maintenance releasesComponent upgrades
  • Backup :
    • Backup of hot files for master and device nodes

Database Dumps

Real-time analysis

The ingestion and calculation in real time allow the implementation of dashboards updated in real time.

schema data ingestion analytics

Mass data management from a data warehouse

A volume of data can become too massive for a database or a data warehouse. The calculation of aggregates via Hadoop, allows the rationalization of the volume of data stored.

schema gestion et stockage de donnees massif

Ephemeral analysis cluster

Our Cloud Map Reduce Service solution allows you to build a Map Reduce cluster in 15 minutes, inject your data, process it, and then remove the environment once you have the final dataset.

schema cluster d analyse donnees ephemere

Manged Business Applications

  • We migrate and operate your critical applications on the cloud. Our service commitments and our support guarantee you an optimal quality of service.


  • Build applications in the production and non-production environment (infrastructure components, software, versions, data)
  • Application monitoring (user view)
  • Correlation of monitoring alarms (HW, middleware and OS)
  • Asset and configuration managementIncident management
  • Modification of the management and the users’ requests
  • Patch managementInfrastructure capacity and utilization reports
  • Version management (enable industrialized deployments)