Managed business applications

Delegate the management of your IT system up to strategic applications in public, private or hybrid cloud

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Comprehensive services on critical business applications.

Managed Applications is an offer designed to provide managed services on public cloud platforms (Flexible Engine, Flexible Computing Advanced, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform). The catalog of services offered covers operating systems, databases, middleware and business applications.

We offer personalized services based on the analysis of the applications to be supported:

  • We maintain the production environment.
  • We manage applications on other environments (interaction between different environments: development, integration …)
  • We keep the global vision to operate and manage the different “middleware” layers.
  • We integrate your applications, from the simplest to the most complex.

We define the complexity of the application according to several criteria:

  • The number of users.
  • The maturity of the application.
  • The initiators of version management.
  • The number of interfaces with other applications.
  • The number of servers.

You also have access to real-time reporting that allows you to monitor the state of health of your fleet of applications.

The integrity of your data is guaranteed thanks to secure access management, support for patches, backup of your environments and capacity management.

Users benefit from high performance and optimal availability of their business applications.

Complete database management, including server-related tasks, optimization and upgrade activities.

The service includes the activities necessary to provide an optimal solution to support databases securely. They can be deployed on a physical or virtual server: the service is provided regardless of the type of server.

The main databases that we can manage are: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, MariaDB, Couchbase, Redis, Neo4j, ElasticSearch…

Server availability

This service ensures that its database (s), including the server and operating system, will be operational in accordance with the availability commitment defined in the service level agreement.

Change management

Certain administrative tasks such as patches, security maintenance, etc., are carried out proactively by our teams of engineers

Backup and resumption of activity

The service guarantees the safeguard of your environment for the number of days agreed by the contract. We also commit to the server recovery time in the event of an incident.

A service for you provides complete management of your middleware, including optimization and upgrade tasks.

Many middlewares can be managed by our teams, the user being able to supply and install their own versions of products while entrusting their supervision to experts from Orange Business Services.

The three main advantages of this service

Server Availability: This service assures the user that the middleware layer, including the server and the operating system, will be operational in accordance with the availability commitment defined in the service level agreement.

Middleware management including all the software offered in the catalog by the components:

  • Web server: Apache, IIS, Nginix, Squid.
  • Application server: Tomcat, ASP.Net, PHP, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, Messaging MQ Series.
  • File server: Windows file server, Microsoft FTP Server, Linux File server, NFS or Samba Linux File Server.
  • Active directory type server
  • Performance monitoring (on demand)

Change management: Certain administrative tasks such as patches, security maintenance, etc. are done proactively by our engineering teams.

Services on the main OS of the market (Microsoft, Linux) for which we ensure the complete management, including the tasks related to the servers.

Our offer extends to additional outsourcing services:

  • Backup and restore: allows you to back up and restore at file level the content of servers deployed on Flexible Engine. It is based on a professional backup platform available to all service customers, and is fully managed by the Orange teams. This service complements the Volume Backup (VBS) service provided with Flexible Engine, which uses snapshots and ensures that data is fully protected against corruption and loss.
  • Managed production plan uses the Visual TOM (VTOM) tool and allows instantiation by application scheduling plan (production plan) and batch to be executed.
  • Managed performance monitoring is based on the Witbe solution and gives rise to a monthly service performance review report.