Flexible Engine - File and Application Backup user guide

FAB Deployment


FAB protection overview


There are 2 different models of FAB protection:

  • Protection of servers, files, databases, Object storage…: using preconfigured FAB agents to install on your server
  • Protection of hyperscaler applications (like Microsoft 365…): using specific configuration, set directly in the Command center (no agent to download for such)

The following chapter describes the standard agents deployment.

To understand better the hyperscaler applications protection deployment, please refer to chapter Hyperscaler applications protection.


The agents manage the backup and restore activity locally on the device, as well as the data transfer to the Media Agents used for communication with the storage library.

FAB Agents are preconfigured and packaged to facilitate their deployment in your infrastructure.

They are available for download from the Download Center (see the “Download center” section above).


The FAB deployment is mainly a 2-step method:

These two steps are described in detail in the following sections.