Flexible Engine - Getting Started Guide

Updated on : 22/06/2023

Legal Disclaimer

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The objective of this tutorial is to guide you step by step in the discovery of the Flexible Engine offer through the realization of a simple infrastructure composed of a Web server accessible from the Internet, coupled with a MySQL database.

The guide starts with an empty environment, as it is provided when you subscribe to Flexible Engine. By the end of this guide, you will have a web server exposed to the Internet and a MySQL database with test data. To achieve this goal, the guide describes this deployment in 10 steps

  • Step 1: Connect to the Flexible Engine Console
  • Step 2: Creating a key pair
  • Step 3: Network creation: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Subnet
  • Step 4: Creating a Security Group
  • Step 5: Creating a Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Step 6: Create an Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)
  • Step 7: Connect and copy data to the ECS
  • Step 8: Import the data into RDS
  • Step 9: Installation of phpMyAdmin
  • Step 10: Functional test


The diagram below illustrates this target infrastructure:



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