Digital Workspace

The new way of working is hybrid. Employees expect a flawless digital workspace experience. They want to work from any device, anywhere, at any time – supported by best-in-class tools and applications.

New situation, new approach for the digital workspace

The new, hybrid way of working requires both fast thinking and the capability to deploy agile technologies in order to adjust to ever-changing market conditions, competitors, or the need to expand or contract.

Agile technology has the ability to securely deliver applications, data, and collaboration tools to a wide range of device types. They should also be delivered with increased levels of automation and user-centric support systems.

Legacy concerns and associated infrastructure SLAs, such as platform updates, maintenance costs, security, and updates, are still relevant, but should now move to the background, or, even better, be paid for on basis, as an element of a service.

Helping you to define, onboard and manage your digital workspace

Working with Orange Business can help you. We have the breadth of experience across different technologies and industries. We can guide you on defining a digital workspace strategy, help you implement digital workspace solutions or onboard you to our workspace services.