We host your data and applications in key regions across the globe

Provided by Orange Business

Global scale, local care

How do you optimise the delivery of digital goods and services internationally ? Today’s businesses are expanding abroad to reach new and exciting untapped markets. However, reaching these new customers often entail added complexities, these challenges are often discounted when dealing with digital goods and services, and need specific answers to meet them effectively.

One such challenge is latency, ensuring that your products and services are delivered as close to the customer as possible so as to avoid any service imperfections due to distance. Through the Cloud Alliance, Orange Business can host your data and applications in key regions across the globe including mainland China. Access your Flexible Engine public Cloud through a seamless interface from anywhere in the world. Connect your cloud regions internationally through optimized network connections built by Orange Business.

Barriers to entry be they technical or legal are also common. Which is why your international Cloud strategy has to take these barriers into account. Making sure your data can bypass national firewalls seamlessly, and that it is hosted in accordance with regional data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

Finally, your global reach requires global support. At Orange Business we provide worldwide support through our global major service centers, security operation centers, datacenters and local support teams, to accompany your expansion into the Cloud wherever you choose to go.