Infography – Environmental indicators of datacenters

Green IT: the environmental impact of data centers under the microscope

At a time when the environmental impact of technology is a major concern, it’s essential to choose the right practices to minimize our ecological footprint. Our Green IT infographic gives you a clear and detailed view of the energy efficiency and environmental impact of data centers.

This infographic will help you understand the challenges and progress made in reducing the ecological impact of data centers. You’ll discover key indicators such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness), and CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness), and how they play a crucial role in promoting greener technology.

Why is this important for your company?

  • Responsible Choices: Every organization faces critical decisions when it comes to data hosting. This infographic gives you the knowledge you need to make more sustainable choices.
  • Understanding the issues: Understanding the environmental impact of data centers is essential to adopting responsible IT strategies.
  • Sustainable innovation: By highlighting advances in energy efficiency, we encourage sustainable innovation in the IT sector.

Learn more about the environmental impact of data centers and how your company can contribute to a sustainable technological future. Download our infographic today and take part in the Green IT revolution.