Are you familiar with edge computing? Our experts tell you

Edge Computing is an IT architecture that brings computing power closer to the source and use of data. In concrete terms, Edge Computing enables information to be processed directly by a local server, without having to transit via a data center to analyze it.

What is the purpose of Edge Computing?

It provides an optimized response to use cases that are poorly covered by a centralized IT infrastructure.
Edge Computing fosters the emergence of innovative services that companies develop for their own needs and those of their customers, such as :

  • Real-time quality control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Video analysis
  • Video protection
  • Augmented reality
  • and much more…

These use cases are based on the mass processing of data generated by multiple sensors and communicating objects. Data flows are processed in real time, resulting in significant savings in bandwidth and reduced latency.
Data processed and stored “on site” no longer has to cross a network to reach a datacenter, enabling disconnected operation and ensuring regulatory compliance for sensitive, confidential and/or location-critical data.

How can Orange Business help you move towards Edge Computing?

Edge Computing is not intended to replace Cloud Computing. On the contrary, it is its functional continuum, optimizing a company’s IT coverage and bringing performance to its periphery. This Edge and Cloud Computing continuum will enable, for example, AI models to be trained in the cloud and then deployed at the Edge, where they will be exploited to generate more added value for the customer.

Orange Business brings its multi-cloud experience to Edge Computing customers, its à la carte support in transforming their IT systems, and its expertise in deploying and managing Orange solutions as well as those of hyperscalers (AWS, Azure and Google), which are long-term partners.

The Customer Edge Computing solutions developed by Orange Business come in two flavors:

  • A trusted, cloud-agnostic solution, based on a European software suite (Suse Rancher) and hosted on the Cloud Avenue platform (currently undergoing SecNumCloud qualification).
  • An Openstack technology solution, integrated with Orange Business’ Flexible Engine public cloud and benefiting from its ecosystem of associated services.

Orange Business provides a turnkey package including specialized, pre-configured Edge servers, on-site shipment, deployment and final configuration of the solution, access to the management platform, maintenance of the Edge solution and associated support.

With its versatile, fully-secured and scalable Edge Computing offerings, Orange Business is able to respond to a wide range of use cases, and bring all its expertise to bear to support its customers in the design and implementation of their projects.

A demonstration platform is available. Contact our experts for more information.

Anthony Bondu 

Edge & K8S Product Owner

Senior Hybrid & MultiCloud Architect

Enterprise Architect-aaS Leader

Cloud Master Teacher & Jury

Curious, motivated, pragmatic, trained in agile methods and with good interpersonal skills, I’m blossoming at Orange Business by creating innovative cross-functional services with high added value around the hybrid cloud and the Edge, while supporting customers in their digital transformation through the cloud.