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Professional Services


Orange Business Services is proud to offer the services of a Business Security Officer who, in line with the ISO/IEC/27001 standard, will create, implement, maintain, make any necessary changes to your information system.

Our Professional Security Services cover the following areas:

Security Risk Assessment

Our security experts are well versed in our IaaS specifications and in cloud-specific threats. They verify and monitor the security of those of your services that are hosted on our cloud platform.

Vulnerability Analysis

Our experts use the Qualys solution to carry out pay-as-you-go vulnerability analyses of your Virtual Machines (VMs) and your applications services. Our cloud security experts use this data to create an analysis and will propose any corrective actions if they are needed.

Penetration Tests

We can assess the resistance of applications hosted on our IaaS by having our security experts run vulnerability tests.

Third-Party Auditing

You may want to assess the security level of the IaaS hosting your services. We will provide you with personalized support to help with any auditing and certification efforts.



Vulnerabilities in your services using a high-end detection tool and careful analysis


Security actions based on assessed risks


Integration of your applications with your certification processes, including ISO27k, ANSSI, PCI-DSS, etc.

Key Elements

A cloud security expert assesses the risks for your services hosted on our IaaS.

Vulnerability analyses of your virtual machines, your OS, and your application layers are carried our using the Qualys solution.

There are three types of penetration test:

  • Black box testing evaluates a system without specific knowledge of the internal functioning of said system, and with no access to the source code or architecture.
  • White box testing evaluates a system with complete knowledge of and access to the source code and architecture.
  • Gray box testing evaluates a system by verifying that obtained outputs are those that are expected from input data.

Use cases

Security and the Cloud

Our security experts support you with your primary security issues:

  • Implementing a security assurance plan
  • Identifying security risks
  • Certifying applications hosted on Orange Business Services cloud solutions.

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