Cloud Customer Space - User Guide

I want to access to the technical console Flexible Engine without going through my Cloud Customer Space


You can access your console Flexible Engine directly from the page

Note: if you do not go directly to the page “Web Login” below but to the page “API Login”, you will need to click on the “Web Login” link in the top right corner to get to this page:

















Figure 19 Direct link to the technical console


For your information, the API Login page allows you to access your console with your Flexible Engine API account if you have initialized it (see your FE console welcome email for more information). As a reminder, the link to initialize the password of your API FE account:

You can then enter the domain name, corresponding to the contract number in question (e.g. OCB000XXXX). Then enter your login and password, identical to those used to access your Cloud Customer Space.

You will then have access to your console:
















Figure 20 Accessing the technical console without going through the Cloud Customer Space


Tip: To access your console even more directly without having to enter your domain name, you can bookmark the URL of type (replace OCB000XXXX with the name of your domain).