Amazon Web Services

Why outsource your backups to the AWS cloud?


Data security is a major issue for all companies, which is why the use of the cloud for outsourcing backups is no longer optional.

First of all, the cloud backup approach limits the costs related to storage equipment and its maintenance compared to an internalized solution. Pay-per-use and flexible storage capacity allow for freedom and simplified management of your costs.
You also have the assurance of being managed by certified experts, who guarantee continuous availability as well as the constant use of the latest technologies to overcome any hardware obsolescence.

Our experts will help you set up your backups on the cloud

Our methodology, delivered by AWS certified experts, allows us to deploy in a few days the solution best adapted to your needs, taking into account your existing situation and your security requirements


  • Collection of backup infrastructure information
  • Validation of prerequisites


  • Choice of solution (Cloud, connector, Storage Gateway)
  • Storage class
  • Backup policy

Setting up

  • Configuring Backup to the Cloud
  • Implementing the Sandbox


  • Restitution
  • Transfer of competence
  • Definition of the following steps

Expert Consultant Backup

  • Analyze the existing storage/backup solution through analysis of documents provided by the client
  • Facilitate technical topics and workshops on backup policies, processes and tools during meetings and final deliverables
  • Deploy the target solution and interface with AWS

Consultant Architecte AWS

  • Analyze the existing IT environment through the analysis of documents provided by the customer and reports provided by the tools and interviews of key IT & Business actors
  • Writes all technical deliverables (diagrams, maps and inventories)
  • Estimates the macro-budgets (Build & Run) of the solutions to be implemented in the strategy to be adopted & the associated services
  • Assists the solution expert with his specific technical expertise during workshops and meetings with the client

With cloud-based backup, you benefit from:


  • Simplification of hardware investment costs
  • Billing on a per-use basis with no commitment
  • Several storage classes according to your needs


  • Secure off-site backup
  • Keep a minimum of 3 backup copies (rule 3-2-1)
  • WORM file locking option (e.g. ransomware protection)
  • Data encryption, authentication and access authorization


  • Turnkey storage/backup solution
  • No infrastructure management (hosting and hardware maintenance provided by AWS)
  • Intelligent data lifecycle management (scheduling or automation) between storage, backup, and archive


  • Unlimited storage
  • High availability data
  • Maximum sustainability
  • Possibility to build a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Access to all Cloud services

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We use the leading backup solutions on the market to ensure your backups. If your needs require the use of another backup solution, our teams adapt to your project.

NowCP guarantees the immediacy of its processing, which until now required an average of two days of management, while reducing the number of errors linked to the manual processing of data. A 100% digital turn taken while guaranteeing the interoperability of the existing system, the control of the data, as well as the security of the service.

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