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How to find the mapping between EVS disk and disk in Microsoft Windows

This section describe how to find a common identifier between an EVS disk and the disk mounted Microsoft Windows.

On the Flexible Engine console

Find the identifier in the console :

  • Go in the Elastic Cloud Server feature
  • Click on the targeted instance
  • In the disks tab, select the targeted disk, then remind the BDF identifier as shown below

On the Microsoft Windows OS

Find the disk number in the OS :

  • Right click on the “Windows” start button then click on Disk management
  • Select the targeted disk and remain the number assigned as shown below

Find the the BDF identifier :

  • Right click on the “Windows” start button then click on “run” and type “powershell”
  • Then copy this command : get-disk -Number 1 | fl * | findstr UniqueId


Where the -Number 1 indicate that you select the disk 1. Don’t forget to match with the targeted disk

  • The command will return you a UniqueID in the format 0000000X0000000X where X represent the numbers different from 0 in the BDF identifier in the console
  • Check if the disk UniqueID match with the BDF number in the console


with the BDF number showed in the console screenshot above :
We have the following BDF :
In the Microsoft Windows OS, the powershell command returned this
UniqueID : 0000000200000002
So it match perfectly as we found the 2 sames values