Orange Business AS must comply to the Transparency Act, which entered into force on 1 July 2022.

Our belief is that any technological advance must be useful to man, society, and the planet. Therefore we defend an ethical, responsible, and inclusive vision of digital technology.
We are thus committed to the environment and sustainable growth for our customers, which we place at the center of our Engage 2025 strategic plan.

Responsible purchasing at Orange Business AS

Orange Business AS implements the Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy in its governance and procurement processes and establishes relationships of trust and loyalty with its suppliers (contractual commitment, evaluation of CSR aspects and audit), to comply with:

  • Social laws with strict respect for the human person, international rules related to labor law, child welfare, health and safety.
  • The environmental, social and ethical criteria assessed during the Group’s supplier selection process.

See our commitments to responsible procurement

Ethics, the fight against fraud and corruption, international sanctions

“We build relationships of trust, respect and integrity with our suppliers.”

Orange is committed to preventing and combating all forms of corruption (Orange Group Anti-Corruption Policy), complicity, extortion, embezzlement and any improper advantage. Ethics is an imperative issue at all levels of our activity, particularly in our relations with our employees, our suppliers and our subcontractors: (The Group Code of Ethics). Beyond the strict regulatory constraints, Orange is committed to conducting its activities in a fair and honest manner.

As part of our CSR selection process, we may ask you to complete a compliance questionnaire.

Our Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct describes the ethical, social, and environmental commitments expected by the Group, which requires its suppliers and their own subcontractors to:

  • Comply with national, European, and international rules relating to standards of ethical and responsible behaviors, including those dealing with human rights, environmental protection, sustainable development, corruption, and child protection.
  • Adopt and apply the Group’s ethical standards and commitments and progress in these areas.

Orange supports its suppliers in the pre-contractual and contractual relationship for the effective implementation of this Code of Conduct (Supplier Code of Conduct)

Assessment of suppliers’ Corporate Social Responsibility

For suppliers belonging to high CSR risk categories and/or with a significant annual order value, Orange systematically performs CSR assessments to

  • better understand the suppliers’ initiatives,
  • ensure that they are committed to the environment, social and human rights and good ethical practices
  • meet regulatory obligations, such as The Duty of Care law,
  • initiate and monitor corrective action plans.

CSR assessments are based on international CSR standards, such as the Global Compact and ISO26000, and are carried out during contract negotiations and throughout the contract’s lifetime.

Compliance with the Law

As part of compliance with the Transparency Act, we will in the coming years further strengthen our efforts to identify and uncover the risk of breaches of the law both internally and in the supply chain.

Reporting on our activities will be part of an annual sustainability report that will be published from the first half of 2023.

If you have inquiries regarding the Transparency Act, you can click here.