Personal data

Privacy Policy

For our corporate customers and the users of our web-site

This Privacy Policy tells you how Orange Business entities use and protect the personal data of their customers’ representatives and the users of their services and web-sites, as well as about the associated rights of relevant individuals.

Orange Business is committed to protect personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws. This Privacy Policy is issued on behalf of all the Orange Business legal entities.

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  1. Definitions
  2. The scope of this privacy policy
  3. Who we are and our contact information
  4. What Customer Personal Data may we collect?
  5. How do we use Customer Personal Data as Processor and Controller?
  6. To whom may we disclose Customer Personal Data?
  7. What are the Appropriate Safeguards for transferring Customer Personal Data out of the EU?
  8. Our data security practices
  9. Our data retention policy
  10. Data subject rights