VMware Technology Forum – 11. mai

Innovate Faster in a Multi-Cloud World

Today, most enterprises have two or more clouds in use to support their growth and operational objectives. To stay competitive in this complex multi-cloud environment, developing a clear, effective strategy is key. At VMware Technology Forum, the local experts will help you learn how to innovate faster with the latest advancements in multi-cloud services for cloud native applications, cloud infrastructure, cloud management, security, and networking, and anywhere workspaces.

VMware Technology Forum therefore offers you expert insight, the opportunity to learn more about the latest product releases VMware and our Sponsors as well as answers to your questions in real-time.

This year we will have 2 technical tracks delivering practical guidance for building, running, managing, connecting, and protecting apps and people in a multi-cloud world.

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Tid og sted

  • Where – Meet Ullevaal Stadion
  • Time – May 11th 8.30-16.30

Join us in Oslo for VMware Technology Forum and take a deep dive into your hard questions that are shaping the multi-cloud future. You’ll find new technical content, new demos, a micro hands-on lab, and opportunities for one-on-one interaction with our experts – all designed to help you innovate faster in a multi-cloud world. VMware Technology Forum is designed for professionals who want to:

  • Simplify multi-cloud complexity
  • Solve the challenges of diverse cloud operating models
  • Close gaps in security from the core to the cloud to the edge
  • Support the mobile workforce with comprehensive lifecycle management
  • Use cloud-native principles, Kubernetes and containers to build, run and operate modern applications


Sverre Støkken

Lead Architect Orange Business


Consumable Compute Cloud – The how, what and why on our self service Sovereign Cloud. We’ll talk about how the cloud market is shifting as it matures, and how our Self Service Sovereign Cloud service built in close cooperation with our strategic partner VMware fits into the new era of cloud adoption.