Meet Akhila

One of our newest members of our Public Cloud team

Akhila, one of our newest members of our Public Cloud team, came to Norway after working for a company in India that had around 446,000 employees. She likened the difference between such a large company to smaller ones as moving from a large house to a small apartment.

“You feel like you belong more in a smaller company. There’s room to contribute and focus on what you’re doing instead of being a part of a larger chain. It was easy to become lost in the crowd”.

When she first came to Norway, it was to transfer from being an offsite consultant for a client to becoming an onsite employee. Here she was a part of building what is arguably Norway’s largest and most well-known money transfer app. She helped design, build and implement their operations with what was at the time, very new technology: cloud. This application has gone on to change the very way we transfer money in Norway and has made carrying cash something that belongs to the past. She saw upfront on how cloud could change society as we know it.

“When cloud was new, you had to unlearn everything that you thought you knew from before. Cloud was a new way of thinking and doing. It was a cutting edge and booming technology that I fast became interested in.”

After a few years working for this application, she felt the need for new technical challenges. Orange Business became a natural choice to further her career and try new things, as it was apparent that Orange Business worked with interesting projects.

“I wanted a technological challenge that was better or equal to the company I worked for before. My main drive was finding a job that presented these technical challenges. Orange Business is constantly expanding in its use of technology with the use of tailored solutions for its clients. I read about what was possible at Orange Business, career-wise, and was impressed.”

Here at Orange Business she’s now working with Thomas onsite at a large international bank in Norway. They’re in the process of helping them migrate their products from physical data storage to cloud-based solutions, giving them and their clients a more seamless experience.

“It’s demanding, in a good way. There are multiple projects that come in and we have to consider the enterprise as a whole when thinking up solutions. Each of these projects has its own demands and each has its own designs. There is no one solution and I enjoy making it up as I go. You have the basic infrastructure to work from but you’re also designing the rest of it. It’s a very interesting process.”